We know from personal experience how difficult it can be for independant, creative people to get noticed and suceed - that's why we started Ajoli.

From our own experience in the independant professional world, we've brought to gether a top notch team of independant marketing, design and technology specialists who want you to suceed.

We know how complex all this internet stuff is for people who haven't been heavily immersed in it for years. We know how challenging it is to scrape enough cash together to be able to take the next step towards sucess. We know how ardous it can be to find the right contractors.

That's why we've structured these five packages to meet your needs whereever you're at with your profession.

We are an entirely new breed of internet development company, one that is smaller, faster, cheaper and much more valuable to its clients.

We do not pitch hype, only return on investment.

Our total project costs are usually 50% less than industry standard for comparable work so your site will have a much better chance of turning a profit in this lifetime.

How do we do it?

We are a mid-size firm with the same capabilities as much larger firms.