We offer many services that can be purchased as part of a package, an addition to a package, as a part of custom work, or as a stand alone piece integrated into your own work.

Simple starter packages for people for whom cost is their primary concern, and who are willing to put their site together and host it themselves, but who still want a professional looking site with all the bugs worked out.

More comprehensive packages for people who don't have time to build it all themsleve, much less learn html and all the complexities of hosting, DNS servers configuration and email set up.

Our deluxe packages are for those who are ready for a web site, business cards, printed brochures and some marketing. There is much more involved so the cost does go up, but it's still cheaper than getting everything alacarte.

And there's plenty of options you can add in from the Alacarte options to customize your package services to be exactly what you want.

And when you're ready to go beyond these options we're more than happy to put together a custom package for you and build everything from the ground up.

What's the catch?

The only tihng that even approaches a catch really isn't one because we're very upfront about it - which is that when you buy a package design from us (except for any custom work), you don't own exclusive rights to its design. So you won't have a unique design. But for artists, that's often less of an issue as it's your art that sells your work, the site's design merely supports and augments your work. For Entrepenures, stock designs are a great way to get a professional looking site quickly and inexpensively.

These sites are designed to be starter sites, but starter sites that look good enough to be above the stock designs of design firms with broader markets. We're here for artists and entrepernures only. And you can always add features to customize your site as your business grows. You can even purchase exclusive rights to a new custom design, but of course the price goes up considerably for them.

Marketing strategy assessment, development and deployment in traditional and internet media Including:

  • Brand assessment and development across all media
  • Web site design and deployment
  • Technology consulting and training
  • Search engine placement
  • Copy writing
  • Database development and integration
  • E-commerce solutions
  • New technology development
  • Banner adds
  • Direct mail campaigns