Everyone on our team is either an artist, with relevant internet skills, or is running their own successful business, or both. Everyone on our team has been where you are and has the experience to help you get to where you want to go. We have searched far and wide to find partners who want to live and work as whole people - each person using their full skill sets, each person is creative, techical, and business savvy. Why would we, or you, want to work with anyone else?

Jesse Morano - Founder, Principal, Creative Director, Technical Director - Photographer, Painter, Sculptor, Designer, Code Producer, Web Master

Karen Morano - Principal, Code Producer, Project Manager - Photographer, Writer

Jesse Kahn - Print Design and Production - Photographer, Sculpter, Painter

Deb Buckley - Internet Marketing Strategy

Kim Vaeth - Copywriter, Poet and Symphonic Score writer