With custom work you're in complete control, there are no limits on what you envision for your project. You own all the rights to your design and we will not resell it to anyone else.

That unique branding does cost more however, since it is built from scratch just for you and you only.

You can add custom work to a package site so you can have a unique logo and still get the cost savings of a package site.

Since custom work is totally dependant on what you want to do, we can not offer prices before talking with you in detail about your goals. But we can guarantee that we're cheaper than any full service design firm.

What you get

  • Just about anything you want. As long as it is technically feasible

What you need

  • A reliable way of contacting you
  • An email account
  • A computer to view the work

To buy a Custom work

  • Call us at 617-569-7947 and we'll get started