The basic site package is designed for people who are just beginning to put their content together and want to play around with the layout on their own, but who still want a professional looking site with all the bugs worked out. To make use of this package you would need to know know html or at least how to use Dreamweaver and don't need any help putting it all together. It has no other services attached to it, that's why it's so affordable. Cost = $400

What you get

  • Professionally designed site
  • Professionally built template html
    • Very fast download
    • Style sheet text fast to apply and easy to edit - text styles that match your site are already built in
    • Style sheet rollovers already programmed for you, all you do is apply the style
    • Basic information architecture "Home page, Portfolio, Contact Information" but plenty of room for you to add more
  • Professionally built Fireworks Template for optimizing and sizing your photos
  • Basic Instructions for how to work with your site files
  • Email delivery of all materials

What you need

  • Macromedia's Dreamweaver and know how to use it to be able to add your text and your photos
  • Macromedia's Fireworks and know how to use it to be able to size and optimize your photos for the web
  • An email account
  • A web host or other means of showing your site
  • All your photos scanned
  • All your text content written

To buy a Basic Site

  • Browse the designs and find one you like
  • Decide what, if any, Ala Carte features you will need
  • Call us at 617-569-7947 and we'll get started