The comprehensive package is for people who don't have time to build it all themselves, much less learn html and all the complexities of hosting, DNS servers configuration and email set up. We handle everything. Package Cost = $2000 (vs. $2825 if you bought the basic package and added the same Ala Carte services)

What you get

  • Professionally designed site
  • Professionally built template html
    • Very fast download
    • Style sheet text fast to apply and easy to edit - text styles that match your site are already built in
    • Style sheet rollovers already programmed for you, all you do is apply the style
    • Basic information architecture "Home page, Portfolio, Contact Information" but plenty of room for you to add more
  • Professionally scanned photos - We'll make sure you get the best scan for web optimization
  • Professionally sized and optimized photos - we give you the best looking, fastest downloading photos possible
  • Expanded portfolio - up to 30 photos in 3 sections
  • Professionally built site - we put everything together for you, double check all the links and test everything
  • Custom designed home page - if you want something special
  • Custom designed page header graphic - if you want something special for the top of each page
  • Internet Enabled - We'll get your site up and running on the internet.
    • Web host set up (additional hosting fees may apply)
    • Domain Name set up (additional fees may apply)
    • FTP delivery of your site to its host
    • Email Set up

What you need

  • All your photos mailed to us
  • All your text content written and emailed to us

To buy a Comprehensive Site

  • Browse the designs and find one you like
  • Decide what, if any, Ala Carte features you will need
  • Call us at 617-569-7947 and we'll get started